What is this stirring?

Paradigms they are shifting

Inside and outside

Wheels they are

Spinning, spinning, spinning

Faces familiar from lifetimes bygone

Memories returning

Leveling out

Center found

Lifting, lifting, lifting

The crown finding place

Connecting to knowing

Inner and outer space; She is there

Eyes holding the answers

Questions, questions, questions

Responses leaving lack

Hands holding tight

Sand slipping, time past

Never wasted

Pieces, pieces, pieces

Puzzles falling into place

Images crystal clear

Fire of truth seen

Lighting flames

Burning, burning, burning

The heart catches ablaze

Winds shift

Sending kindle to the next

Open chest

Loving, loving, loving

Ferociously she urges

Sacrifice all you know; feel the pain

Rise, my child,

A phoenix, from the ashes