Sacred Oblation

Walking within the fabric of time

Stepping through each memory

Etched in convolution, I see your face

A smile burned into the ether inside this space


My heart is beating along with yours

Entirely widespread with passion

Gratitude pumping through infinite vessels

And breaking barriers through to the highest of levels


Love knows no boundaries in this new tribe

Constellations map out the truth

Mirrors in a gaze, and eyes catching ablaze

There’s no choice; spread our wings and fly to the next stage


Now I’m letting the thread unravel

Begun fraying the ties that bind

Irrelevant the past and old relations

Set aflame to offer as a sacred oblation


Love is the only object worthy

The only truth that we need seek

Detach and attach is how we must live now

What we knew to be true will no longer be our vow