Ahhhh...Marma therapy...I'm inclined to use the word "magical" to describe it, but there is no "magic" involved.  Marma is a very ancient, yet very precise and focused form of energy healing that has been practiced on this planet for thousands of years.  Its origin dates back to ancient India and it has inspired the practice of acupuncture in China as well as other forms of pressure point manipulation throughout the East.  So what is it and why is it so beneficial and effective? Well, according to Ayurveda, throughout the body we have several different channels or "srotas" through which materials and substances are transported and transmuted. Each of these channels has a root (mula), a pathway (marga), and a mouth or opening (moola).  Often times these channels get clogged.  Arguably the most important of all these channels is what is called the Mano vaha Srotas, or the channel of the mind.  This pathway transports and transmutes our emotions, thoughts, memories, etc. The root is said to be the heart, the pathways are all throughout the body, and the openings are said to be these 107 (give or take) marma points located all over the surface of our bodies.  Just like with any channel that is not maintained, over time, our Mano Vaha Srota gets clogged with repressed and/or stagnant emotions, memories, and thoughts and if left untreated can cause physical, emotional, and spiritual dis-ease within our body, mind, and soul.  A marma healing session works to remove these blockages from your mental pathway so that your mental and emotional energies can flow in a healthy and harmonious way once more, which allows for the physical body to heal as well.
For me and my healing journey, marma therapy has been exceedingly influential.  While I was doing a great deal of physical detoxification and purification through diet and yoga, there was a level of mental and emotional purification that was not being fully achieved through these means.  I was gaining control over my mind and emotions through the yogic disciplines of pranayama and meditation, but there were left over residual thought patterns, memories, and emotional traumas that were creating blocks on a deeper level than I was unable to reach on my own.  My mentor and dear friend suggested marma therapy, and from the first session I had with her, I knew it was something unique and special.  I remember feeling as if going from a state of feeling  “stagnation” and “resistance” within me to feeling refreshed, peaceful, and comfortably open and free.  Through my many sessions, I realized a beautiful vulnerability opening up in me which allowed for deeper states of love and connectedness with everyone and everything around me. 
I knew after experiencing this deep and profound healing taking place within myself, I had to learn this technique and share it with others.  I had the opportunity to receive training and a great deal of guidance from my very gifted mentor and have found myself to have quite a gift for holding this healing space for others while allowing the universal energy to flow through me as a conduit.  What’s really interesting is I always knew that my purpose in life was to use my hands as a tool for healing others.  I wanted to become a surgeon, but after my cervical injury and surgeries, I experienced nerve damage in my hands and felt they were useless and broken.  Marma has become such a glorious gift and tool for me in my life, and I’m so grateful to be able to use my once “broken” hands to share this gift with others.  From what I have seen in my own sessions and working with clients, the experience is different for everyone, and each session brings new awakenings.  If you are interested in learning more about how marma healing can help you or wish to book a session with me, please do not hesitate to contact me!  Blessings and love to you, dear friend.