It started with a hummingbird,

Flipping and flittering, tossings and turn

“Come play with me; inspiring wings.

Defying time and space, just imagine the things

We could do in this world,

if you just believe

In yourself, beautiful girl…”


It started with a ring of fire

The irises catching ablaze with hearts desire

“Walk through me; cleansing flames.

Purifying your mind and spirit; ending the tiresome game

You play with this heart

Stop putting it through pain

This is your new start…”


It started with a spoken word

Ears and heart thirsting, all else falling short

“She will help you realize God. Do not turn away”

Always there looking back through the mirror so clear

My soul’s flesh embodied

Incarnations of fear

Shed away in one tear


It started with an intension

“Love them all and protect them with care”

Somewhere along the line it was not to be mentioned

“They are you. You are them.  Don’t you dare

Slip now; the ties that bind are fused in eternity.

Your hearts beat as one;

In this, you must never question”


It ends with a promise kept forever

“Love yourself, and you will love them all.

Hold your heart as if all life depends.

No more bruises by your own hand; only tend

With love and devotion

Focus your light

And all will be enlightened”