This luminous honesty is breaking me in

Unfolding and exposing the depths unseen

Inside and outside a swift unraveling

Chains and shackles dissolve into ashes leave me grasping

For an anchor as I float up, down the unknown path

Trusting in not knowing the object of shadows cast

Fill my lungs with remembrances seen behind

The aperture expanding at the third eye

Intimacy forgotten catches my heart off guard

Awakened to the knowing of a homeland star

Taking me back in time to a future of perfection

All possibilities available for sincerest selection

Eternal sound embodied in flesh so pure

The essence of my being called to explore

The parts of my soul once caged in steel

Released from solitude, learning to feel

Expanded contractions creating space for Divine love

Opening the heart center to congruencies from above

Living in truth; the only way to be free

Eternity begins with your lock and my key