For Activation, listen to "Calling all Starseeds"

Now, receive your anthem below!

If you're like me, you were born sensitive; able to see, hear, feel, know, sense things that others couldn't.  Perhaps, and likely so if you were born in a Westernized society, these sensitivities were seen as weaknesses.  Perhaps, like myself, you were deemed as mentally ill, and put in therapy and/or on medications to keep you emotionally numb to the overstimulating and fast paced industrialized culture of the West.  And as much as at one time or another you may have bought into the idea that you're as "crazy" as your family and society may have led you to believe, the truth is, you've always just known that you were simply born "different" and that you're actually quite "special".   

You could always sense the interconnected matrix of energy uniting all beings.  You could feel the beating of the unified heart, and in a society built on separateness and fear, without the tools to harness your gifts, being constantly tapped into the pulse of all creation may have spun you out into some really uncomfortable states.  "Fitting in" has never been easy, and as well as you are able to FEEL others, not many have ever been able to truly GET you.  Trust me, I understand, and I SEE you.  I FEEL you.  I GET you.

There are many of us who have always suspected that as much as we love her unconditionally, Earth is not our first home planet...That the sun is not our original home star...That we come from somewhere that sees things much differently than the humans who have always inhabited Mother Gaia.  We've SUSPECTED this for our whole lives.  And now, as we awaken from our amnesia, many of us have gone from mere speculation to a pure and unwavering KNOWING that we are never going to be completely human, and "fitting in" is no longer of interest to us.  Now, it's about embodying who we came here to be.  To activate fully and completely the vibratory codes within our BEing that were written to raise the collective vibration of this planet.  We are realizing how we have chosen to be here...And we are FINALLY realizing, we are NOT alone in this!

Dear one, if ANY of the above rings true for you, this song was written for you.  And so, I invite you to allow love to be your anthem.  Let it move you and move through you, as this love is your true and essential nature.  Let it be your guide.  And if this love guides you in the direction of feeling called to reach out for support in your Activation, I'm here for you, and would love to hold you in your highest expression! Sending so much love and many many blessings! Namaste...