So, as everyone may be aware, I try to keep my posts on the positive side; however, in light of the coming full moon and powerful eclipse that is shining light into dark corners and casting shadows over light, I felt called to share a part of myself that I feel is important to put on display as to express my full authenticity. You see, over the past few years I have completely changed just about every aspect of my life and outlook. The person that I show up as in times of darkness these days is completely different from the person that would have shown up just 4 or 5 years ago.

I get a lot of friends, family, students, and clients coming to me and seeking guidance and advice around the current state of our country, and in those moments I show up exactly how I am needed and called to. I show up with light and love in my heart and on my mind. In my heart, I know light triumphs over darkness, but it’s important for me to be honest and authentic in my life; and so, I must confess that there is a part of my soul that is conflicted around the unconditional love that I am feeling in my heart toward certain people.

The beliefs, the words, the actions, the intentions that they hold as their truth are so vastly outside what I believe to be right and pure, yet my heart sees that they too are just pure souls living a human existence who have yet to see the light within their own hearts. The old aspects of my psyche argue with the knowing and trust within my soul, and it’s a daily struggle. I cannot and will not lie and say that I have this all figured out. There are days where the bigger picture is difficult to find, and I’m just so grateful for my faith, my yoga, and my meditation practice, as they keep the old tendencies of my mind from taking control from the overdrive of love that floods from this heart.

And on the days where no matter how hard I try, I can’t shake that underlying “yucky feeling”, I choose to channel it in a creative way rather than gossip or fester in an unhealthy manner such as reading social media or watching the news. Today was one of those days that I needed to be creative. This song came on and reminded me of our current leader, his followers, and all those who oppose him by spreading such hateful things against him and his followers. In my heart I love them all, but in my mind I can’t wrap my head around the cloud of hate and counterintuitive energies that surround it all. Here is what came from my confliction. May we all find a healthy and constructive way to make peace within the midst of chaos. It is more important now than ever to find constructive ways to channel our confusion and inner conflict rather than use them in a destructive manner. Nobody is perfect, but let's do our best to create beauty from chaos and confusion! Sending you ALL blessings and love.