When I look into the mirror, I’ll tell you what I see

I see the mother she always wished for that she could never be


When I clutch these hands so tight, I’ll tell you what I feel

I feel the safety in their grip I never knew to be real


When I embrace with these arms, I’ll tell you what is true

There’s tenderness behind this chest that beats truly for you


When I gaze into these eyes, I’ll tell you what I know

The truth and trust burning within will never be let go


When I breathe into these lungs, I’ll tell you what I inhale

A clarity within the air that urges this heart to sail


When I walk in these shoes, I’ll tell you where I stand

No pedestal for you or me; On equality these feet land


When I close these eyes at night, I’ll tell you where this soul visits

The floating mountains in the sky that drift upon clouds of kismet


When these legs start moving fast, I’ll tell you where I’m running

Maybe not today or yesterday, but our best Selves, we’re becoming