Patterns; they shape our world.  They shape our minds.  They shape our existence.  They can be beautiful and mysterious and without them the world as we know it could not have come to be.  But what happens when patterns begin to dictate who we are and how we show up in our lives?  The truth is, they ALWAYS dictate this.  Our patterns create our psyche and our psyche creates our external environment.  This can be a great thing if we have a strong hold on the proper perspective, but as we can see in the current state of our world, it can also be quite dangerous. 

In the work I do daily with myself and my clients, I strive to illuminate the internal patterns being expressed within the psyche that are manifesting undesirable aspects externally.  Once these patterns are illuminated, the work can begin to make the shifts necessary in order to heal and break free from the “quicksand” that patterns can often feel like.  I’ve noticed within myself and my clients that the illumination of a pattern can feel daunting!  When you look down and the “quicksand” you’ve been standing in for months, years, a lifetime, and often many lifetimes is illuminated, our first instinct is to struggle and fight.  We feel we must pull ourselves out of the pattern completely and remove it from our being in order to be free.  As we know with quicksand, this resistance is a futile effort, indeed.  So what do we do?

I invite you to think of it like this: When we look at a pattern on paper, what do we see?  A pattern is simply a continuous sequence of colors, numbers, shapes, pictures, etc.  In order to change a pattern in its entirety, all that needs to change is one color, one number, one shape in the sequence, and the pattern is transmuted forever.  We need not get so concerned over changing or erasing the entire pattern; in fact, this is a counter-intuitive and self-sabotaging endeavor.  We cannot break through to the next level without building upon what we have already founded. If we wish to grow and transform out of the “quicksand pattern” that is holding us back, all we must do is pick a new color, and use it! 

The universe is a beautifully orchestrated pattern, and so you may notice that no matter where you are, what you do, or how you feel, certain situations, certain types of people, and certain circumstances continue to show up for you.  This is because you are just one color within a massive pattern being continuously colored in 3D all around you.  As a human, you are gifted with a beautiful thing called free will.  This means that when these repeating patterns of situations, people, and circumstances show up in your life, you get to choose what color you use to complete the sequence.  You get to choose if the pattern stays the same or if it is transmuted forever.  All you have to do is choose to show up differently.  If you choose to show up with a new emotion, a new word or phrase, a new action or response (or lack thereof), the entire pattern changes as every element around you has to shift in order to adjust to this new energy brought into the sequence.  Think about that!  You can literally create a whole new world around you by simply adjusting one single emotion, word, or action!  You truly are THAT powerful!

When we show up differently in moments of challenge, that challenge and everything about it and about us changes.  In that moment, we grow.  In that moment, we evolve.  History repeats itself because we continue to show up to challenges in the same way that we did in the past.  This isn’t anyone’s “fault” until we become aware of it and still choose to show up in the same outdated manner that keeps us sinking in quicksand.  How are you showing up in your life?  How are you showing up for yourself, your friends, your family, your planet?  Is it in a way that allows for you and others to expand and evolve, or is it in a way that is keeping you stuck and sinking?

The history that seems to be repeating itself in the world right now doesn’t have to. WE don’t have to let it.  If WE choose to show up differently within this pattern, history changes.  If we choose to show up covered in the colors of love, compassion, and hope, history’s pattern of hate, destruction, and fear has to shift to accommodate the new energy.  It won’t be easy, but don’t give up.  There will still be challenges, but don’t give into the old, outdated ways of existing in this world.  When the colors in the pattern aren’t to your liking, just grab some brighter and more vibrant colors!  Let’s paint this world more beautifully together, shall we?