Put Your Wings Back On


Wasting time in distance

Pondering innocence lost

Put your wings back on, dear child

You’ve no idea the cost

Of you failing to step up now

Step into the shoes that fit

They were made for you to walk in

And your wings were made to lift

You high above the skyline

Caress mountaintops with your fingertips

Dance loops around cloud landscapes

Into the cosmos let your winds shift

Plug into the star that guides you

It calls you home to a family forgotten

Divine connections awaken true love within

Shake you free from the webs you were caught in

The spider speaks in riddles

Consistency is the key

Trust in what your heart tells you

All else is thwarting debris

Break through the walls between

And free from the ties that bind

Set them ablaze with the flame of pure love

Only those woven in truth will be left behind