The Curious Thing Called Life

Life is a curious thing.  Life itself has no emotion.  It doesn’t ask permission before it throws you a curveball.  It doesn’t check in with you to make sure you’re available for the next giant wrench it plans to throw in your happily spinning gears.  It’s an endless disruption of flow until the final disruption; and then, if you haven’t learned all the lessons your soul needed to learn, life brings you back for more.  Samsara, the Buddhists call it; birth, life, and death.  An endless wheel that we ride on whether we feel available for it or not.  We don’t get a choice in the matter, but we do, however, get a choice in how we show up on this ride. 

It’s painful, life.  It’s nothing personal, but some choose to take it that way.  Some choose to see their life is an endless stream of personal attacks.  “The universe is out to get me” some say, and may hold as their “truth”, and the “truth” is, it’s true!  The universe IS out to get those people.  According to the wisest and most ancient philosophies of mankind, we are each a microcosm of the macrocosm.   So, that means each of us is a tiny universe within the macrocosmic great universe.  So when one CHOOSES to hold the belief system that “The universe is out to get me”, they are, as an individual universe within the collective cosmic universe, CHOOSING to be “out to get themselves”.  They aren’t wrong, because what they believe becomes their reality. 

The same holds true for the opposite view point.  Individuals who hold the belief system of, “The universe is holding and caring for me” are, as microcosms of the macrocosm, holding and caring for themselves.  Our beliefs truly shape our reality, and so, in this curious, spinning, curveball ridden wheel called life, we may not get a choice in WHAT we experience along the way.  But we DO get a choice in HOW we experience the experience, and this choice creates our truth, our reality. 

In every moment we are given a precious opportunity to create the life we wish to exist in.  On a conscious level, we may not get to choose the ride we’re riding, but we can choose to close our eyes and scream in fear of what may be around the next turn, or we can throw our hands up, eyes wide open, and laugh hysterically in the face of uncertainty.   Eyes tightly closed hide in the safety of darkness, but living in the safety of darkness is dangerous as darkness does not allow us to see the beauty in each lesson we’re here to learn.  And until we learn all the lessons, you can bet life’s coming for you!  So buckle up!  Open your eyes, let in the light, and choose whatever truth serves your highest expression!  You are safe.  You are held.  You are loved.