One year ago today, my best four legged friend of 13 years left her fluffy Pomeranian body.  Skylar Blue now guides me from beyond the veils and limitations of the physical form, and in this way she and I are closer than we have ever been.  Though I miss her deeply, her selfless choice to transition allowed me the space and permission I needed to fully expand into and embark on my soul’s aligned path and mission.  Shortly after her passing, Spirit called me out West, and while the journey has not always been one of ease, it has been one of grace, gratitude, surrender, and love.  I am finally grasping the concept of being an integral and at the same time an utterly insignificant piece of a MASSIVE multidimensional puzzle!

It has taken many timelines of suffering, rivers of tears shed, several traumas, and multiple trials, countless transmissions, a ton of incredibly gifted and patient teachers, as well as many perceived failures to finally shed enough veils in order to realize that it isn’t about me.  It’s about the Collective.  It is about finding a way to show up for ourselves and for one another that allows us to grow collectively as a unified population so we may thrive on this planet.  It’s about choosing love and forgiveness over codependency and blame.  It’s about loving so furiously and with such intention that we are willing to dissolve all parts of who we have always perceived ourselves to be so that we may continuously be reborn in every expression.  It’s about healing with each other, for each other. 

All that said, I have finally gotten out of my own way to receive my greatest creative expressions to date, and I’m excited to share them with all who are available to receive!  Today, in Skylar’s memory and honor, I share the music!  Space, Fire, and Someone Else’s Sun is a Divine transmission that came through as a gift for Mother Earth and her children.  It is a vibrational story of what came from my personal awakening; A record capturing my most authentic, transparent, and vulnerable understanding of who we are as human BEings living a Spiritual experience.

This album is for anyone, and at the same time, it’s for the misfits…For those of us who sometimes sing out of tune, and yet we sing our heart’s truth anyway.  For those of us who may seem a bit out of sync with the rest, and yet we play and dance our hearts wide open! And it’s for those who never judge us for BEing this way. It’s for the jacks of all trades, and masters of none. For those who are highly sensitive, intuitive, and “different” and for those who always love us without judgement for being just that. This music is a permission slip to color outside of the lines, and to feel free to show up in a way other than how society perceives as “normal”.  To the inner child that has suffered in silence…To the wounded masculine and wounded feminine within each and every one of us…To the brightest and purest aspects within, and at the same time, for the deepest and darkest… May this music inspire all of the perfectly imperfect parts of ourSelves to come together through integration and nonjudgement in order to find wholeness once again.

Thank you to all of my teachers, students, family, and friends for learning and teaching with me.  Your magnificent reflections of the true Guru within, each in your own individual way, assisted me in opening up to layers of gratitude, creativity and loving potential I didn’t before realize were possible.

And without further ado, I wish to invite you into the first transmission that started it all, “We Are Love”.  The pre-sale of the full album and official single release will begin on 4/11, and for the time being, my gift to you, is access to the first single today! This album will be released under my spiritual name, Ashtani Akshagni. I understand for some, this may feel like a lot to take in, and I understand that not everyone is available to receive what it is being said here and through this music…For those who are available, I’m so excited to dance and play with you. For everyone else, I invite you to get curious and check out this song. There’s nothing to lose, and so much to gain! I honor you and your path regardless and thank you for your presence on this planet with us at this time of great awakenings! Click the audio file above to listen to the first single, “We Are Love” for free any time!

Also available for your free streaming pleasure at Soundcloud below!