Hello, my friends!  I decided to record this blog also, as it invoked a lot of passion within me while contemplating the subject and putting it into words…I hope you enjoy it.  Namaste.

“Not too long ago, I accompanied my parents to a plant nursery that specializes in bonsai trees. My mom told me that they had a beautiful area where they host yoga classes, so I decided to check it out. When we arrived, I remember feeling a bit overwhelmed by the size of the nursery and the sheer volume of plants that they had on display.  Rows and rows of these tiny potted trees were arranged everywhere throughout the vast 5 acres of property, and as my overwhelm subsided, it was quickly replaced by feelings of sadness, isolation, and restraint…Thousands of trees, and yet, no room to grow.  They were all confined to their own individual pot, and all kept at bay with their maintenance of trimmings.  It looked like a factory farm of trees; like a place where trees go to have their souls removed… The only glimmer of hope were the succulent plants who were exhibiting their mastery of adaptation by growing out, around, and away from their designated areas with such prowess, as if to inspire the little bonsais to make a break for it!  “Step outside your box, my friends!  Be free!”, they seemed to encouragingly say.  It was an interesting site, and awakened a realization in me that didn’t reach fruition until yesterday morning.

I was doing my gardening chores in my back yard: pulling weeds, mowing the lawn, cutting back hedges; all things we are “supposed to do” to make nature more manageable to live around, and it hit me…WE are the bonsais!  Society is the bonsai factory farm, and our souls are all but completely removed at birth!  We enter this world kicking and screaming, full of spirit and gusto, and immediately we are placed in our designated pots of race, gender, ethnicity, economic background, etc, just to keep us at bay.  Our roots are restricted to only go as far as the pot that was chosen for us, and anytime our branches venture too far outside the “norm” of what society deems appropriate, well, you know… “CHOP! CHOP!”  WE are the bonsais…WE are held captive by the labels and expectations that society places on us, and my friends, it is time…It is time to make like the succulent plant and break free from our confinement!  

Let us realize that we are all from the same planet…We all have roots, and they want to grow and spread and breathe!  Our branches want to stretch and thrive and embrace each other!  So reach, my friends!  Reach far outside whatever pot you were placed in, whether it was a black pot, a white pot, a rich pot, or a poor pot…A pretty pot or a modest pot…A pot with a picture of a cross, or a star, or a Buddha, or an Allah…BREAK THE POT!!! Shatter it into a million irrelevant pieces, and free yourself!  Free yourself from this illusion of separateness!  This illusion that your pot makes what’s inside it any different from what’s inside my pot!  We are all just trees who simply hope for enough room to grow and be free.  So grow!  Be free!  I see you! Not your pot, but YOU!  And what is in you is also in me…And all that is within me is also in you…So let’s all GROW!  Together!  Let’s grow…And FREE THE BONSAIS!”