As I gaze into the mirror

These eyes seem a deeper blue

As the hurt takes leave, replaced by love

Hope fills these eyes anew

Casting aside the doubt and blame

Mind fixed on growth and prospect

The inner voice that once screamed in pain

Utters now only words nontoxic

The mountains blossom all around us

Filled with untamed beauty and colors abound

As we frolic through the infinite bloom

Our life story is told without speaking a sound

Glory is this never ending existence

One body drops to make way for the next

Within each lifetime, countless endings

Until we meet with our final test

Ascending all that we cling to

Letting it slip once and for all through our grasp

Never again seeking downward

Knowing we’ve completed the ultimate task

So now we let go all we’ve worked for

We cannot take it where we’re fixing to go

Do not be afraid my dear child

Endless peace awaits in the afterglow