The Intuitive Calibration Breath Series

Optimize Your Breath to Optimize Receptivity  

Welcome to the Intuitive Calibration Breath Series!  This series of breath work practices, stemming from ancient yogic techniques called Pranayama will be foundational and integral aspects of your healing journey.  Please take the time and dedication required to become very familiar and comfortable with each of the techniques, as this will prime your system and allow for more receptivity throughout our 90 day journey together.  Be sure to journal your experiences and enjoy!


Lesson 1: Introduction to Breathing


Lesson 2: Abdominal Breath Tutorial


Lesson 3:  Guided Practice (Abdominal Breath)


Lesson 4:  Full Yogic Breath Tutorial


Lesson 5:  Full Yogic Breath Practice

Lesson 6: Alternate Nostril Breathing Tutorial


Lesson 7:  Alternate Nostril Breathing Practice

Lesson 8:  Full Guided Practice