The Intuitive Calibration System

Clear Your Psyche and Learn to Trust All of You

This is a 90 day immersion where we will work one on one to clear the mental, emotional, and subconscious barriers that are holding you back from reaching your fullest and most enriched embodiment.  


In this 3 month process, we work to clear blocks to reestablish aligned flow in channels of communication, certitude, and intuition, anchoring in a greater sense of clarity, trust, and healthy perspective in all aspects of your life. 


This System will:

·         Infuse your body and mind with calm, sustainable energy and clarity

·         Relieve anxiety

·         Offer freedom from physical pain

·         Instill profound feelings of serenity, peace, and hope

·         Reveal your true identity and inner power

·         Release emotional blocks caused by trauma

What you can expect to gain:

·         Enhanced intuition and mental clarity

·         Improved professional and personal confidence and competence

·         Enrichment of your relationships with yourself and others

·         Rapid personal growth

·         Self-assurance in your true voice

·         Feel more loving, compassionate, and connected 



90 Day Intensive Transformation Program 

Month 1:  Clear

We will meet for a single two hour Intuitive Calibration Attunement Session each week for four weeks.  These sessions are comprised of 90 minutes of work to clear blocks and disturbances within your physical and energetic bodies, followed by 30 minutes of one-on-one mental integration to help anchor in the congruent flow of energy and intuition.  Here I will offer you tips and take home work to assist you in fully mastering your own intuition throughout the transformation process

Month 2:  Align

As you become clearer and further connected to your intuition, we will begin to extend periods between sessions.  In this month we will meet for a single two hour Intuitive Calibration Attunement Session every other week.  These sessions will also be 90 minutes of work to support your sustained energetic flow and transformation within the physical and energetic bodies, followed by 30 minutes of one-on-one intuitive integration. Now that we have cleared all the blocks in the way of your highest and most aligned vision, this month is about calling in and aligning with the truth of who you are and who you are here on Earth to be. 

Month 3:  Anchor

By now, we have cleared all that has caused resistance, as well as sustained an aligned and harmonious energetic flow while strengthening your connection to your optimal state of awareness and clarity.  In the final month, we will meet for two hours every other week to fully anchor in the results of your Intuitive Calibration.   This month is about anchoring in the potency of all you have realized through our work together and actualizing all you are capable of into every fiber of your BEing.  



What the Intuitive Calibration System includes:

·         8- 120 minute Intuitive Calibration Attunement Sessions over a 90 day period

   Through an intuitive combination of pranic healing and Marma, an ancient Ayurvedic energy point stimulation technique, we work to clear mental, emotional, and energetic blockages within your being.  If you are feeling stuck, but unsure why, this technique will help bring clarity as it helps to release static energies that prevent a harmonious flow within your mind and body.  At the end of a session you will feel clearer and more at peace as your physical, mental, and energetic bodies let go of whatever negative energies may have accumulated over time (often lifetimes!).

o   90 minutes of Intuitive marma therapy/pranic healing

o   30 minutes of one-on-one integration with take-home Intuitive Calibration Activities

o    $1,776 value

·         Intuitive Calibration Breath Series

o   This video series will help prepare you for the breath work you will be using in your daily guided meditation practice to keep your energy flow optimal and congruent between sessions

o   Using ancient yogic breathing techniques, you will learn to optimize your breath to improve your emotional, physical, and spiritual bodies while preserving and increasing your energy and calming your mind

o   $150 value

·         Intuitive Calibration Guided Meditation mp3

o   Use this daily practice to keep chakras clear, aligned, and active in order to sustain and amplify the transformation

o   $27 value

·        On going guided intuitive amplification sessions and Lifetime(Priceless) access to our ICS Facebook group

o   These virtual group sessions are beautifully intuitive integrations of breathing exercises (pranayama), guided meditations, and sound vibrational healings

o   All 30 minute sessions will be recorded and made available to you forever via Youtube and Facebook

o     $5,200

·         Continued Direct Support Between Attunements via WhatsApp for 12 weeks

o   Trust that you have my dedication, guidance, and support even between sessions to assist you throughout your incredible transformation

o   $1500 Value

·         TOTAL PACKAGE= Over $8,653 value


·         Tuition options

o   Actual Tuition= $2000 (Over $6,653 in savings)


o   Payment plan option: $750/mo for 3 months