The Intuitive Calibration System

This is my exclusion program offered to very select qualifying clients. Through the use of the Intuitive Calibration Technique, we work to clear blocks to reestablish congruent flow in channels of communication, certitude, and intuition, anchoring in a greater sense of clarity, trust, and healthy perspective in all aspects of your life.  This program offers the opportunity for the deepest level of healing and personal developement through the combination of Ancient yogic practices, Intuitive Calibration Attunements, and catered individual one on one guidance.

Intuitive Calibration Attunement

Through an intuitive combination of pranic healing, Reiki, and Marma, an ancient Ayurvedic energy point stimulation technique, we work to clear mental, emotional, and energetic blockages within your being.  If you are feeling stuck, but unsure why, this technique will help bring clarity as it helps to release static energies that prevent a harmonious flow within your mind and body.  At the end of a session you will feel clear, at peace, and actualized as your physical, mental, and energetic bodies let go of whatever negative energies may have accumulated over time.

Intuitive Enrichment Session

This is a session to serve those who cannot work one on one with me in person. We will connect virtually and through an intuitive combination of spiritual guidance and distant energy healing transmission, we work to clear mental, emotional, and energetic blockages within your being.  If you're feeling "stuck" and don't know why, these sessions are useful in revealing the source of the blocks that are keeping you from reaching your greatest potential.  Together we will reveal and remove these barriers, and I will offer you tools to empower you in achieving your fullest and most embodied potential.

Private yoga session

In a private session, we will work closely together as I intuitively assist you in developing a positive relationship with your body, your breath, your mind, and connect with your soul.  Through intimate and customized one on one sessions, you will more quickly begin to notice the benefits of your yoga practice as you gain more physical and mental flexibility, strength and tranquility. Private sessions are the quickest way to reach your personal goals.